From a young age I had a struggle to hear, but I found a way to communicate with others –  and that was to illustrate my emotions through drawing. For me, art began as a method of communication, it was my life and my way to overcome the barrier of not hearing or even being able to talk.
I chose to illustrate the emotions that I had felt throughout lockdown, using a variety of different textures and colours to influence viewer feelings. During the Pandemic, the social aspect of our lives had been stripped away from us and the economy was hugely effected. I focused on these social aspects as ‘frozen memories in time’.
My journey was heavily inspired by traditional painter Casper White, specifically the colour palette and the texture of the brush strokes. I believe that the colours heavily influenced the emotions that I felt through those images and gave a greater impact. This inspired how I wanted to convey my own feelings of loss and who I was as a person. Life is not living without being with others.