My name is Janis Skodins 

I’m 22 and I’m originally from Latvia. Since age 11, the United Kingdom has become my new home and has gifted me the opportunity to follow my passion and become a designer. I have always been interested in history and the fast-moving future of vehicles.  

This project looks into a concept of environmentally friendly aircraft developed for Red Bull air racing. Aviation is the main human source of  ozone, a serious respiratory  health hazard that increases the likability of premature death. Like other emissions resulting from  fossil fuel  combustion , aircrafts  produce gases,  noise and  particulates, rising  environmental  concerns 

The purpose of my concept is to raise awareness of air and water pollution within urban areas in format of race events during which live data is gathered from the river and presented to the audience in real time. Portion of the funds gathered from the events would be issued to the host cities in order to clean the rivers or canals using the data gathered.