Comparing aspects of war, between World War II and the current Pandemic, has led me to think about the significance of gardens in the city, and so for the exhibition ‘Survival’ I have been developing a body of work around the theme My Garden

This developed from research around the Anderson Shelter, which provided protection but also a place to grow vegetables and be outdoors during World War II. Similarly, during this pandemic, outside space has really been treasured.  

The drawings by Henry Moore around this theme were important in documenting the social and architectural aspects of inner city underground shelters. 

My Garden was a development of a 3D reconstruction of a 1942 garden in which the Anderson Shelter was a key feature. I made models and worked directly with 3D materials because this is how I develop my ideas in the making. 
As a result, I wanted to make work that celebrated the joyful aspects of nature. My Garden is an example of this, and is reflected in the colour palette. I enjoy the fact that my idea has evolved into the final stages of completion.